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Flatbread Pizza Recipes

Pizza with a thin, crispy crust


Flatbread is a thin, cracker-like bread that makes a perfect pizza if you like a really thin, crispy crust. Use flatbread to make a traditional pizza, or follow these inventive recipes with pizza toppings like roasted fennel,kale, zucchini, pesto and all different types of cheese.

1. Flatbread Pizza with Fennel Spread and Feta

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier

The sweet, aromatic flavor of fennel dominates and is complemented by creamy, tangy feta.

2. Flatbread Pizza with Mint Pesto and Ricotta

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier

The bright, fresh flavor of mint pesto pairs perfectly with creamy, mild ricotta.


3. Flatbread Pizza with Zucchini and Manchego

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
Thinly sliced zucchini, manchego cheese and an optional topping of serrano ham or salami make for a unique and delicious pizza

4. Flatbread Pizza with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
Thinly sliced red onions and sauteed mushrooms are an amazing flavor combination for pizza. Add blue cheese and the pizza gets even better.

5. Flatbread Pizza with Kale and Ricotta

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
The earthy flavor and slightly crispy texture of the kale pairs beautifully with creamy, milky ricotta.

6. Flatbread Pizza with Sundried Tomatoes, Olives and Goat Cheese

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier

A simple combination of bold flavors that is always popular with any crowd.

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