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Flavored Parmesan Crisps

Parmesan crisps can be flavored in many different ways


Cheese crisps are crunchy, salty, thin wafers of cheese that are delicious eaten as snacks or used to garnish other dishes. A basic parmesan crisp is made with one ingredient: parmesan. If you've never made parmesan crisps before, start with the basic recipe for crisps and you'll see how delicious they are.

While there's no denying that a basic parmesan crisp is delicious, if you're looking for ways to change the flavor or make your crisps a little bit more interesting, the suggestions below will encourage you to get creative.

First, a word about parmesan cheese. There is a difference between parmesan and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Which one you use is up to you. You can also use other hard cheeses to make crisps - pecorino, Piave and Grana Padano all work well. You can also experiment with cheeses like aged cheddar and gouda, but keep in mind that if the cheese type you choose has a texture that is slightly softer than parmesan, the crisps won't be quite as crispy. They will still taste delicious, but the texture will be chewier.

Parmesan and Truffle Crisps

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
These aromatic crisps are infused with the flavor of truffles. Truffle crisps are divine paired with champagne as a simple appetizer. They also add amazing flavor when crumbled into simple salads. Make your breakfast the best meal of the day by serving a truffle crisp next to poached or scrambled eggs.

Parmesan and Mushroom Crisps

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
This crisp is flavored with plain old cremini mushrooms, not expensive truffles, but they're still delicious. Mushroom crisps are heartier than plain crisps and are nice served next to a bowl of soup.

Parmesan and Lemon Zest Crisps

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A surprisingly good combination. Just as a squeeze of lemon heightens the flavor of a dish, so does a sprinkle of lemon zest in a parmesan crisp. The subtle lemon flavor is bright, zesty and refreshing. Pair these crisps with a bottle of hefeweizen, crumble them over a salad, or serve these crisps instead of crackers with soft goat cheese.

Spicy Parmesan Crisps

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
If you like spicy food, you'll love these crisps. This recipe will show you how to make the crisps really spicy, or give them just a little bit of heat.

More Parmesan Crisp Flavors to Try

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The sky is the limit when it comes to flavoring parmesan crisps. Just make sure that chunky ingredients are chopped into small pieces or the crisps won't hold together. When using dried herbs or spices, you can mix them into the cheese or simply sprinkle the herbs and spices on top of the crisps before the pan goes into the oven.
  • Flavor Suggestions - to one cup of finely grated parmesan, add one of these seasonings:
  • 1 tablespoon dried dill
  • 1 tablespoon cumin
  • 1 tablespoon garlic or onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
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