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Nachos Recipes


When a craving for nachos strikes, there's nothing like diving into a plate of chips covered with melted cheese. But before you go pouring canned nacho cheese sauce over those chips remember that the best nachos are made with real cheese.

Cheddar and Monterrey Jack are always great options but if you're adventurous you'll also try nachos made from feta, blue cheese, Gruyere and other cheeses. Some of these nachos recipes are traditional (beans, onions, ground meat, etc) and others are pretty outrageous. Have you ever tried apples or alfredo sauce or mushrooms as a topping? Might sound strange at first, but the results are surprisingly good.

1. Feta Nachos

Photo by Jennifer Meier
This addictive twist on regular nachos is made with pita chips, feta cheese, ground lamb and much more. Amazing flavor, but less greasy and heavy than traditional nachos.

2. Blue Cheese Nachos

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
There's nothing typical about these blue cheese nachos recipes. Brace yourself for a flavor explosion, whether it's Wisconsin nachos with portobello mushrooms or the unbelievable recipe for "Ohio Nachos" made with potato chips, alfredo sauce, blue cheese and chives.

3. Traditional Cheddar Nachos

© Image 2012 Jennifer Meier
You can't beat classic cheddar on nachos. The salty, sharp flavor of melted cheddar tastes so much better than artificial nacho cheese sauce.

4. Creative Nacho Recipes

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
For the really adventurous, these super-creative recipes stray far from traditional nachos with delicious results.
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