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Blue Cheese and Honey Toasts Recipe



Blue Cheese and Honey Toasts

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Blue cheese and honey toasts are a perfect example of how well the sweet flavor of honey pairs with salty, strong-flavored cheese. Serve as an appetizer, a snack or for breakfast with a cup of coffee.

The type of blue cheese you use matters somewhat, as does the type of honey, but what has the biggest flavor impact is the type of bread. Don't use regular sandwich bread; buy (or bake) a nice loaf or baguette. My favorite is a wheat loaf with some seeds or nuts in it. The nutty, toasty flavor is really good with the salty blue cheese and sweet honey.

There is no hard and fast rule about how much cheese and honey to use. The best way to make blue cheese and honey toast is to buy a big chunk of blue cheese, a jar of honey and a loaf of bread and just go for it. As a guideline, you can plan on spreading about 1/2 ounce of cheese and 1 teaspoon of honey on each small slice of bread. So, if you're making a lot of these and using an entire baguette, then buy a half pound of cheese or more.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: Can be made in any amount


  • blue cheese
  • slices of bread, lightly toasted
  • honey


Slice the bread fairly thinly, then lightly toast, either in a toaster or under a broiler.

Spread the blue cheese on the slices or just lay a thin slice of blue cheese on top of the bread. Drizzle honey on top. Serve fairly soon after making so the bread does not get soggy.

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