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Cheese Basics

If you know the basics of cheese, such as how cheese is made and the different milk types, textures, and flavors, then you will find buying, serving, and cooking with cheese to be easier and more enjoyable.
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Cheese 101
A quick guide to the basics of cooking, buying and eating cheese.

Types of Cheese
Learn the language of cheesemongers by understanding all the different categories of cheese

Parmesan vs Parmigiano
What's the big difference?

Quick Tips for Buying and Storing Cheese
Whether you shop for cheese at a large grocery store or a small, locally owned cheese shop, there are a few things you should always keep in mind. Knowing how to buy high-quality cheese, and how to store it, insures you will get your money’s worth.

Types of Feta Cheese
How Many Types of Feta Are There?

Which Cheeses Have the Least Amount of Lactose?
Can people with lactose intolerance still enjoy cheeses?

What is Vegetarian Rennet?
If I'm vegetarian should I be concerned about the type of rennet used to make cheese?

Raw vs Pasteurized Issue
Learn about regulations for raw milk cheese sold in the United States

What is Quark?
Is Quark cheese?

What is Pot Cheese?
What exactly is pot cheese?

What is Neufchatel Cheese
Neufchatel is a creamy French cheese similar to high-quality cream cheese

What is Mascarpone Cheese?
What does mascarpone taste like and what can it be used for?

What Are the Crunchy White Crystals in Some Cheeses?
A sign of a well-aged cheese

What Are Cheese Mites?
Cheese mites are found on the outside of some hard cheeses.

Why Do Some Hard Cheeses Weep Liquid?
Is it normal for hard cheeses to seep out a little liquid?

What is Cheesecloth?
What is cheesecloth and how is it used to make cheese?

Why Does Swiss Cheese Have Holes?
The holes in Swiss cheese are called "eyes"

What Are Cheese Maggots?
Cheese maggots can infest cheeses like Stilton and Roquefort

Milk Types
Cheese is primarily made from three types of milk: goat, sheep and cow

What is an Affineur?
If you'd like a career in the world of cheese, consider becoming an affineur

What is Alpine Cheese?
A unique and highly desired category of cheese

What is Trappist Cheese?
Monks and nuns were, and in a few cases still are, talented cheesemakers who make fine cheeses in small batches.

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