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Basics of Cheese


Ever walk into a cheese store and feel overwhelmed? Learn the basics and you'll have no problem telling bries from triple cremes and washed-rinds from bloomy rinds again.

These articles turn buying cheese into a fun and delicious journey by walking you through the different flavors and styles of cheese, explaining the cheesemaking process.

  1. How Cheese is Made
  2. Buying Cheese
  3. Domestic Cheese
  4. International Cheese

How Cheese is Made

Learn about the art and science of turning milk into cheese

Buying Cheese

A guide to buying flavorful, perfectly ripened cheese

Domestic Cheese

Explore the flavors and textures of domestic cheeses made by artisanal cheesemakers in the United States and learn about the artisanal cheese industry

International Cheese

Explore the flavors and textures of cheese from around the world

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