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Cheese Buying Guide

A guide to buying flavorful, perfectly ripened cheese from the best cheese shops and online retailers.
  1. Advanced Cheese Knowledge (8)
  2. Buying Cheese for Parties (3)
  3. Cheese 101 (7)
  4. Cheese Varieties (28)
  5. Cooking with Cheese (12)

Types of Cheese
Learn the language of cheesemongers by understanding all the different categories of cheese

Gifts for Cheese Lovers
Gifts ideas for the cheese lovers and foodies in your life

How To Make Cheese at Home
Try your hand at home cheesemaking with these easy and fun recipes

Buy Cheese Online
If you don’t have a local cheese shop, or if you want to send the gift of cheese, check out these options on the Web.

What is Lactose Free Cheese?
How can you tell how much lactose is in cheese? It's easier than you might think, as this handy guide explains

Cheese Platters
EVerything you need to know about making a cheese platter

Lactose Free Cheese Substitutes
Lactose free cheese substitutes include rice cheese, soy cheese and almond cheese

Does Goat Cheese Have Lactose?
Is goat cheese a low lactose cheese and is it easier to digest?

Cheese For Valentine's Day
Where to find seasonal heart-shaped cheese

What is Aged Gouda?
Learn about all the different types of Gouda, including aged Gouda and Boerenkaas Gouda

What is Crescenza Cheese?
A detailed description of this soft Italian cheese

What is Neufchatel Cheese?
Neufchatel is a creamy French cheese similar to high-quality cream cheese

What is Truffle Cheese?
What does truffle cheese taste like and what are the different kinds of truffle cheeses?

What is Mascarpone Cheese?
What does mascarpone taste like and what can it be used for?

What is Pot Cheese?
What is Pot Cheese?

What is Quark?
quark cheese definition

What is Trappist Cheese?
Monks and nuns were, and in a few cases still are, talented cheesemakers who make fine cheeses in small batches.

What is Creme frache?
Learn what creme fraiche tastes like and how to cook a few creme fraiche recipes

Brie vs Camembert
You'll never confuse Brie and Camembert at the cheese store again after reading this handy guide

Everything you need to know about buying and cooking with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

What is Cottage Cheese?
Learn about how cottage cheese is made, how to make your own cottage cheese and discover new cottage cheese recipes

Blue Cheese
Learn about the most famous types of blue cheese and try some blue cheese recipes and beverage pairings

What is Labneh?
Is labneh really better than Greek yogurt and sour cream?

Asiago Cheese
Learn more about this classic Italian cheese

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