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Cotija Cheese


Cotija Cheese

Cotija Cheese

Photo by Jennifer Meier quinoa_enchiladas.JPG

Quinoa Enchiladas with Cotija Cheese

Photo by Jennifer Meier cotija_pesto.JPG

Cotija and Cilantro Pesto

Photo by Jennifer Meier

Type of Milk:

Cow, pasteurized


Mexico, in the state of Michoacán


There is no rind on this fresh cheese. The texture of Cotija is crumbly, dry and if you listen carefully, squeaky.


Salty and slightly tangy and sharp. Some compare the flavor of Cotija to Parmesan. Others say that Cotija tastes like a dry Feta cheese.

Uses and Pairings:

Cotija (pronounced co-TEE-ha) is a versatile cheese that adds a mild but salty flavor to dishes. It does not melt completely, however, warm cotija has a wonderfully soft texture and savory flavor. Add Cotija to scrambled eggs, tacos, enchiladas, salad, pizza, and soup.

Cotija Recipes

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