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Cheese Platters

Everything you need to know about putting together cheese platters for any occasion
  1. Garnishes for Cheese Plates (10)

How to Make a Cheese Platter
A visual guide to making a cheese platter for any party

Cheese Platters 101
Basic information about putting together a cheese plate

Buying and Selecting Cheese for a Cheese Platter
Learn how to choose the types of cheese to serve on a platter and how much cheese to buy for parties

Make a Basic Cheese Plate
Instructions for buying, displaying and garnishing cheese on a simple cheeses plate

Themed Cheese Platter Suggestions
From French cheese plates to Spanish cheese plates and cheese platters that can be served for dessert, learn what types of cheese to buy for themed cheese platters

Serve a Cheese Plate for Dessert
Instead of a sweet dessert, serve one of these cheeses after a meal

Make a Basic American Artisanal Platter
This cheese platter features cheese from Oregon, California and Wisconsin

Irish Cheese Plate
Serve these unique Irish Cheeses

Seasonal Cheese Plate - Summer
Five types of cheese perfect for summertime eating

Seasonal Cheese Plate - Autumn
Five types of cheese perfect for Autumn

Seasonal Cheese Plate - Spring
Aromatic cheeses for Spring

One Perfect Cheese
You can serve a single cheese on a plate with great results

Platters for Cheese
What should you serve your cheese on? Choose from this list of creative plating suggestions, from wooden boards to fancy cheese plates.

Individual Cheese Plates
Individual cheese plates can be served as an appetizer or dessert at a dinner party. They can also be served at a cheese tasting party or event.

How to Make a Cheese Plate
Instructions and cheese suggestions for a basic cheese platter

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