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Cheese Platters

Creatively Display cheese


The platter you use to display cheese affects the entire look of your cheese plate. You can buy platters specifically for cheese or look in your kitchen cupboards and use what you have. Below are some creative suggestions for cheese platters.

Once you select your platter, check out these Quick Tips for Making a Cheese Plate.

Wood Cutting Board

Variety of cheeses on wood cutting board
Tooga/The Image Bank/Getty Images
A wood cutting board gives a cheese plate a rustic look. A cutting board is also an extremely practical choice for a cheese platter as it is the best surface to cut cheese on. Just make sure your cutting board has been scrubbed clean and doesn't have any residual flavors or aromas on it, like onion or garlic.

Cheese Dome

Cheese Dome. Photo by J. Meier
Cheese domes look really classy and dress up a cheese plate. They also work especially well in the warmer months, or for outdoor parties, when flies might be trying to land on your cheese plate. Cheese domes can be slightly impractical once a party starts, since guests have to lift the lid and find a place to set it while they are cutting cheese.

Decorative Cheese Plates

Decorative Cheese Plates. Photo by J. Meier
Smaller, decorative cheese plates are great for displaying one or two cheeses. If a cheese is especially stinky or runny, sometimes it's best to give it its own plate. Check kitchen shops or cheese shops for plates that have cheese-related art on them.

Granite or Marble

Cheese Plate with Slicer Attached. Photo by J. Meier
Granite and marble platters are sleek and modern. They are sold in all different shapes and sizes. Granite platters specifically made for serving food and can be bought at kitchen stores. If you want a more unique shape and lower cost, check home improvement stores or suppliers of countertops for kitchens - they often have scraps of granite that are large enough to be used as platters.

Rectangular Plates

Rectangular Plates. Photo by J. Meier
Thin, long rectangular plates are great for a modern and stylish presentation. Smaller pieces of cheese work best on these plates, as do cheeses shaped as logs, pyramids or discs (goat cheese often comes in these shapes.)

Dinner Plates

Photo by J.Meier
There is nothing wrong with using a simple dinner plate as a cheese platter. The round shape is perfect for displaying multiple cheeses. Put a garnish of fruit in the middle of the plate to make the display more interesting.
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