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Sides to Serve with Cheese Plates

Whether it's a spread, a bowl of flavored nuts or fruit jam, these recipes can be served with a cheese plate to elevate it from average to amazing
  1. Bread and Cracker Recipes (7)
  2. Jams, Chutneys and Fruit Spread Recipes (3)
  3. Savory Spread and Pesto Recipes (5)

Roasted Shallots with Blue Cheese Recipe
When roasted, shallots become sweet and caramelized and pair beautifully with cheese

Pickled Red Onion Recipe
Tangy, slightly sweet pickled red onions can add bright color and tons of flavor to grilled cheese sandwiches or be served on the side of a cheese plate. The onions pair especially well with aged cheese like sharp Cheddar and Comte.

Black Olive Tapenade Recipe
This olive spread is great served with cheese, or spread onto sandwiches or pizza

Roasted Cherry Tomato Recipe
Roasted cherry tomatoes can be used as an easy topping for pizza or pasta

Dessert Wine Gelee
Jello for adults - an unusual but delicious side for a cheese plate

Apples With Sugar and Spice Recipe
Granny Smith apples cooked with brown sugar and cinnamon are delicious with Cheddar cheese.

Pumpkin Seed Pesto Recipe
Substituting toasted pumpkin seeds for pine nuts gives basil pesto a slightly richer texture and earthier flavor.

Cherry Chutney Recipe
The sweet, tart flavor of cherry chutney pairs perfectly with cheese

Mint Pesto Recipe
Mint pesto can be used on pizza, pasta and sandwiches and pairs well with fresh, mild cheeses

Cheese and Crackers
How to pair cheese and crackers, including recipes for homemade crackers

Apple Chutney
Pair this chutney with cheddar or soft goat cheese

Arugula Pesto Recipe
Arugula pesto has a delicious, peppery kick

Fennel Spread Recipe
A richly flavorful spread that can also be used on pizza or pasta

Sweet Spiced Nuts Recipe
Roasted nuts flavored with baking spices and sugar

Soda Bread Recipe
Soda bread pairs well with sharp cheddar and fresh goat cheese

Butter Thins Homemade Cracker
A simple homemade cracker with a slightly sweet flavor

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers Recipe
Homemade Crackers Made with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Whole Wheat Flatbread Topped with Scrambled Eggs and Cheese Recipe
Whole wheat flatbreads can be served alongside a cheese plate

Lavash Flatbread Recipe
Thin, crispy lavash can be served as a cracker or bread

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