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New York City Cheese Shops

The Best Places to Buy Cheese in New York


There are dozens and dozens of food shops in New York City that sell cheese. A smaller number of these shops offer what I like to call a "cheese experience" - a broad and/or carefully curated selection, knowledgeable staff and unique atmosphere.

Where is your favorite place to buy cheese in New York City? Share your recommendation here.


© Image 2012 Jennifer Meier
Murray's was established in 1940 and went through several incarnations,owners and locations before becoming what it is today: a busy gourmet shop known primarily for its vast cheese selection. There is always something new to discover at Murray's and the staff is passionate about what they sell.


  • Greenwich Village: 254 Bleecker St. between 6th & 7th
  • Grand Central: 43rd St. & Lexington (in center of market)

Saxelby Cheesemongers

© Image 2012 Jennifer Meier
Saxelby's is a pint-sized stall inside The Essex St. Market focusing on American farmstead cheese made in the Northeastern US. The selection rotates with the seasons and you will always find a cheese you've never seen in other cheese shops. The staff is friendly and so are the customers; conversations often break-out in front of the tiny cheese case. The owner, Anne Saxelby, got her start at Murray's Cheese shop and also worked at several small dairy farms in the US and abroad.


  • Lower East Side: 120 Essex St. at Delancey

Di Palo's Fine Foods

© Image 2012 Jennifer Meier
The DiPalo family has been in the business of selling imported Italian cheeses, meats and other culinary products in Little Italy for five generations. This store is a gem, filled with authentic products sold at fair prices. Their selection of cheese is strictly Italian - make sure to try their homemade Mozzarella. The no-nonsense staff is efficient and accustomed to dealing with a constant line of people; rarely do they fail to offer a taste of whatever cheese or meat they are slicing.


  • Little Italy: 200 Grand Street between Mott & Mulberry

Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro

© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier
Artisanal Bistro was founded by Chef Terrance Brennan, who also founded ArtisanalCheese.com and Picholine restaurant. Artisanal is mainly a restaurant, but sneak to the back and you'll find a retail cheese counter as well.


  • East Side: 2 Park Avenue (entrance on 32nd St. between Park & Madison)

Fairway Market

© Image 2012 Jennifer Meier
Fairway is a grocery store with a cheese department like no other. Their website claim of "We Invented Cheese" may be a bit over the top, but in terms of quantity and quality they are in a league of their own. The cheese program at Fairway was kick-started by Steven Jenkins, master cheese monger and author of the "Cheese Primer."


  • Upper West Side: 2127 Broadway at 74th St. (plus more locations outside of Manhattan)
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