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Five Cheese Books

Gifts for Cheese Lovers


These five reviews of books about cheese showcase some of the best books about cheese available. Ranging from cookbooks to what are essentially cheese encyclopedias, all of these books make great gifts for both culinary professionals and people who simply love to eat cheese.

1. Great Grilled Cheese: 50 Innovative Recipes

Written by Laura Werlin

Laura Werlin has written extensively about cheese in two other books, “The New American Cheese” and “The All American Cheese and Wine book”. If you think recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches couldn’t possibly fill a whole cookbook, think again. Werlin suggests easy and delicious recipes for sandwiches fillings that range from ham and cheddar to figs and blue cheese.

2. The Cheese Primer

Written by Steven Jenkins

More of a reference guide than a light read, "The Cheese Primer' was one of the first, and is still one of the better, guides to understanding cheese.

3. The Murray's Cheese Handbook

Written by Rob Kaufelt

Rob Kaufelt is owner of Murray’s Cheese, a well-known and well-loved cheese store in Manhattan. His book manages to be both light-hearted and packed with information. Glossaries, lists and charts about cheese and cheese pairings are accompanied by colorful, creative descriptions.
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4. Cheese & Wine: A Guide to Selecting, Pairing, and Enjoying

Written by Janet Fletcher

Janet Fletcher writes for the food section of the San Francisco Chronicle and has a regular column about cheese. This book explores cheeses around the world and the wines that pair with them.
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5. A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Best

Written by Max McCalman & David Gibbon

For people who already know a little something about cheese, the "Connoisseur’s Guide" provides detailed information and rankings of the world’s “best” cheeses – as chosen by Max McCalman, Fromager at Picholine and The Artisanal Cheese Center in New York. This book, as well as McCalman’s first book, “The Cheese Plate” are for people who enjoy the finer things in life and consider cheese one of them.
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