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Delicious dessert recipes made with cheese that will appeal to beginning cooks and experienced gourmets.
  1. Cake, Tart and Pie Recipes (8)

Labneh Quick Bread
A slightly sweet, buttery quick bread made with whole wheat flour, labneh and olive oil. If you like corn bread, you'll love this recipe.

Cinnamon Cardamom Creme Fraiche Quick Bread
A dense and moist creme fraiche quick bread with the delicate flavor of cinnamon and cardamom

Baked Ricotta Pudding Cake Recipe
Somewhere between pudding and cake is this delicious and simple dessert

Ricotta Caramel Pie
Similar to cheesecake, but with a lighter texture

Ricotta Chocolate Cake Recipe
Sinfully rich but not too sweet

Ricotta Cheesecake Recipe
Ricotta cheesecake is lighter and fluffier than regular cheesecake (and really easy to make!)

Ricotta Fritter Recipe
Ricotta fritters are a little bit like donut holes, but less sweet and cakey. They can be flavored with your choice of vanilla, bourbon or limoncello.

Ricotta Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe
Ricotta keeps this scrumptious coffee cake soft and moist

Cottage Cheese Cinnamon Muffin Recipe
Moist cinnamon muffins with extra protein and calcium from cottage cheese

Strawberry Mascarpone Tart Recipe
A cross between a cheesecake and a tart

Sweet Honey and Mascarpone Dip
Mascarpone sweetened with honey and cinnamon is a luxurious dip or sauce for fruit

Goat Cheese and Blueberry Dessert Bars Recipe
A rich, not-too-sweet dessert

Grilled Figs with Blue Cheese Recipe
A seductive pairing of grilled figs with blue cheese

Goat Cheese and Peach Jam Recipe
Tangy goat cheese pairs beautifully with sweet peach jam

Sainte Andre Cheese With Berries Recipe
No cooking required - simply garnish this luscious cheese

Strawberry Ricotta Polenta Tart Recipe
Rustic and rich, this tart can be served for brunch or dessert

Quark Tart Recipe
A light and airy dessert

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