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Milk Types


Goats Cheese
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Cheese is primarily made from three milk types: goat, sheep and cow. The flavor of each milk is different, as is the nutritional content. Some cheesemakers buy milk from a dairy, others raise their own animals for milk.

Generally speaking, 10 pounds of goat or cow milk makes 1 pound of cheese. Sheeps’ milk is richer, so slightly less milk is needed to make 1 pound of cheese. The flavor and fat content of milk varies depending on the season, the time of day when the milking takes place, and the breeding cycle of the animal. A good cheesemaker knows how to anticipate all these variables.


Cheese made with goats’ milk is stark white. It is lower in lactose, making it easier to digest. Goat’s milk is also easier to digest because it is naturally homogenized. Goat’s milk cheese often has a tangy flavor that mellows the longer the cheese is aged.


Rich, concentrated sheep milk is ideal for cheesemaking. It has more fat and protein than cows’ milk. Sheeps' milk cheeses often have sweet, nutty, nuances.


Cows' milk has the most carotene, which lends a yellowish hue. Cows' milk is often described as earthy, although depending on the style of cheese the flavor can vary greatly.

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