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Cheese in Soup

Cheese Types That Taste Good in Soup


Cheese can add a lot of flavor to soup, whether it's used as a garnish or as a main ingredient. These five cheeses are especially delicious in soup.

What type of cheese do you recommend for soup? Share your suggestions here.


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Parmigiano-Reggiano can be grated on the top of almost any soup. The flavor adds a nice saltiness and the texture adds richness without becoming gooey or stringy. The rind from Parmigiano-Reggiano can also be added to soup for extra flavor. Simply simmer the rind in broth for 15 minutes or more.


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Gruyere's biggest claim to fame in the world of soup is the starring role it plays in French Onion Soup. Earthy, nutty and slightly sweet Gruyere cheese tastes best with soups that have a slightly earthy quality. Because the cheese can get so gooey when melted, I prefer to use it in moderate quantities.


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More so than other types of cheese, Cheddar tends to be a major, rather than minor, ingredient when added to soup. This is partly because the flavor is so universally appealing and partly because cheddar melts so well into a rich, smooth consistency.

Queso Fresco

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The term Queso Fresco refers to fresh cheese that does not have a rind. It works especially well as an ingredient in soup because the texture becomes soft, but the cheese never fully melts. If you don't like strings of gooey cheese dangling from your spoon, Queso Fresco is for cheese you. If you can't find Mexican Queso Fresco, use Halloumi instead. Halloumi has the same mild flavor as Queso Fresco and will not fully melt when heated either.


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Manchego is a Spanish cheese with a salty, olive-y flavor. Try it as a garnish for vegetable soups or for soups that include sausage.
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