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Midwest Cheesemakers

The Midwest is dairy country, so it's no wonder so many artisanal cheesemakers call it home. Some of their cheeses are sold across the US, but many are only available locally. This is by no means a complete list of cheesemakers - it is a list that will continue to grow over time.

Nebraska Cheesemaker Branched Oak Farm
Cows' milk cheese from an organic, family-run farm

Missouri Cheesemaker Green Dirt Farm
Bloomy rind and washed rind sheep milk cheese

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Carr Valley Cheese
Wisconsin Cheesemaker Carr Valley Cheese makes artisanal cheeses in Wisconsin

Iowa Cheesemaker Maytag Dairy
A descendant of the Maytag appliance company started making blue cheese in 1941

Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative and Cedar Grove Cheese
These organizations work together with the UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to make cheese

Wisconsin Cheesemaker LoveTree Farmstead Cheese
Sheep and cow cheese made at a family-run operation

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Roth Kse
A presence in the American cheese industry since the early 1900s

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Saxon Creamery
Raw cows' milk cheeses

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Holland's Family Farm
Raw milk gouda made by dairy farmers from the Netherlands

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Salemville Cheese Cooperative
Blue cheese made by an Amish community

BelGioioso Cheese Inc
Founded by an Italian, this company specializes in American versions of Italian cheeses

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