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Wisconsin Cheesemaker Roth Käse USA



Gran Queso

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Monroe, Wisconsin

Best Cheeses:


  • Buttermilk Blue - Silky texture with a mild but tangy, buttermilk flavor
  • Gruyere - Sweet, nutty, slightly musty. Winner of the American Cheese Society "Best of Show" award in 1999.
  • Gran Queso - Modeled after Spanish Manchego but made with cows milk, this aged cheese has a hard texture and sweet, sharp flavor.



The Roth family started making cheese in Switzerland in the late 1800s. In the early 1900s, the family founded a company in the US to import European cheeses. In 1991, three of the Roth family cousins focused Roth Käse USA on the mission of making "European-style specialty cheeses in America's Dairyland."

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