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Oregon Cheesemaker Rivers Edge Chevre


Oregon Cheesemaker Rivers Edge Chevre

Rivers Edge Chevre Siltcoos Cheese

Photo by J. Meier


Logsden, Oregon

Selection of Cheese:

  • Fresh Chevre - Numerous varieties of fresh goat cheese sold in shapes such as crottins, logs, hearts, pyramids and rounds, both flavored and plain
  • Up in Smoke - smoked cheese wrapped in smoked maple leaves and spritzed with bourbon
  • Astraea - Raw-milk cheese rubbed with olive oil, Vietnamese cinnamon, dried chipotle peppers, and white pepper
  • illahee Tomme - raw milk cheese rubbed with truffle oil
  • Saint Olga - raw milk cheese washed in local beer
  • Mayor of Nye Beach - A washed-rind cheese with a flavor reminiscent of the best French farmhouse cheeses. Washed in Ale as it ages

The Cheesemaker:

Pat Morford is the cheesemaker at Rivers Edge Chevre, a small farm in Oregon that is also home to a herd of Alpine goats that provide milk. Morford has been selling her cheese in the Pacific Northwest and California since 2005.

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