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Cheese: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Why Does the Difference Between Parmesan and...
The Difference between Parmesan and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
What Is Mascarpone Cheese and How Can You Cook...
What does mascarpone taste like and what can it be used for?
Healthy Summer Veggie in the Crock Pot
A healthy crock pot recipe made from corn, yellow squash, yellow peppers and fresh basil
Yes, You Really Can Throw this Cheese on the...
Step-by-step instructions for grilling Halloumi cheese
Blue Cheese Sauce for Steak
Blue Cheese Sauce Recipe
Does Goat Cheese Have Lactose?
Is goat cheese a low lactose cheese and is it easier to digest?
New Discovery Shows Why Swiss Cheese Has Holes
Why Does Swiss Cheese Have Holes?
Can People Who Are Lactose Intolerant Still...
Low Lactose Cheeses and Lactose Free Cheeses
Brie vs Camembert
You'll never confuse Brie and Camembert at the cheese store again after reading this handy guide about the differences between the two cheeses
5 Delicious Cheeses to Try on Your Salad
Five Great Cheeses for Salad
Make Your Own Goat Cheese with Two Ingredients
How to Make Goat Cheese - How to Make Homemade Goat Cheese
Avoid Lactose Without Giving Up Cheese
What is Lactose Free Cheese?
Seared Cherry Tomatoes, an Essential Summer...
Seared cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and garlic. Simple and perfect.
The 6 Best Cheeses for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
The Best Cheese for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Try This Greek Specialty: Grilled Halloumi
Grilled Halloumi Recipe. Cheese.
Don't Have Any Parmesan? Try These Tasty...
Parmesan Cheese Substitutes - Hard Cheese
5 Delicious Cheeses That Travel Well
Cheese that Travels Without Refrigeration
A Grain Salad with Lots of Zip
Pearled barley gives this salad heft, while cucumbers, feta, lemon zest, mint and olives give it light, zesty flavor
What Makes Blue Cheese Blue?
Why does blue cheese look and taste the way it does? Here is how blue cheese get those gorgeous and flavorful blue streaks...
What is Soft Ripened Cheese?
What is Soft Ripened Cheese?
What is Rennet?
Rennet is used to coagulate, or thicken, milk during the cheesemaking process. Chymosin (also called rennin) is the enzyme used to produce rennet.
How do You Prevent Fresh Mozzarella Pizza From...
Tips for melting fresh mozzarella on a pizza without making the pizza watery
The 5 Best Types of Cheese for Burgers
Find out what the best cheese is for burgers
Avoiding Lactose? Try These Lactose Free Cheeses.
Lactose free cheese substitutes include rice cheese, soy cheese and almond cheese
Cooking Measurements for Cheese
Cooking Measurements for Cheese
A Handy List of Raw Milk Cheeses
Cheeses Made With Unpasteurized Milk
Aromatic, Affordable Truffle Cheese
An overview of what truffle cheese tastes like, the different kinds of truffle cheeses, and a list of recipe ideas.
How to Build an Impressive Cheese Platter
Cheese platters can be simple or elaborate, depending on what type of party you're throwing and how much money you want to spend.
Thin, Crispy Flatbread with this Easy Recipe
Lavash Flatbread - Lavash Recipe
What You Need to Know About Unpasteurized Cheese
Unpasteurized Cheese - Everything You Need to Know About Cheese Made From Raw Milk
Six Important Steps in Cheesemaking
There are six important steps in cheesemaking: acidification, coagulation, separating curds and whey, salting, shaping, and ripening.
Make Goat Cheese at Home
A visual guide to making goat cheese at home
Zesty Broccoli and Corn Salad with Cilantro Pesto
Roasted broccoli served cold with fresh corn and cilantro pesto
You're Vegetarian, But is Your Cheese?
An explanation of why rennet is used in cheesemaking, the different types of rennet, and why some rennet is not vegetarian
5 Cheeses to Pair with Rose Wine
Pairing Rose Wine and Cheese
National Cheese Appreciation Day, June 4th
Serving a gorgeous cheese platter is easy when you know how much and what types of cheese to buy.
What's Better Than Greek Yogurt? Labneh.
Is labneh really better than Greek yogurt and sour cream?
Squeaky Cheese
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Types of Feta Cheese
A look at the range of different types of feta cheese, including Bulgarian feta, Israeli feta, American feta and the familiar Greek feta.
Cauliflower and Lentil Pizza Crust
A surprisingly delicious gluten-free pizza crust made from cauliflower, lentil beans and cheese.
What Are Curds and Whey?
Whey is the liquid that is expelled from cheese curds during the cheesemaking process. Traditionally, ricotta was always made from whey, not milk.
Better Than Cornbread, Labneh Quick Bread Recipe
A slightly sweet, buttery quick bread made with whole wheat flour, labneh and olive oil. If you like corn bread, you'll love this recipe.
Healthy Chopped Salad with Chickpeas and Tahini
A fresh and crunchy chopped salad made with roasted garbanzo beans and tahini dressing
5 Best Cheeses to Pair with Sparkling Wine
Five Cheeses to Pair With Sparkling Wine
Finally, a Turkey Burger that Tastes Like a...
A few easy cooking tips and key ingredients, like roasted poblano peppers and pepper jack cheese, give this turkey burger moist, juicy, amazing flavor
7 Simple Steps to Making Your Own Ricotta
A visual guide for making creamy homemade ricotta out of two ingredients, milk and buttermilk
Serve This Nuts with Cheese
Serving nuts with cheese
A Whole New Way to Serve Chicken Parmesan
This recipe turns chicken parmesan into a light and refreshing pasta salad
5 Delicious Fruit Spreads to Serve with Cheese
Five Fruit Spreads to Pair With Cheese - Fruit and Cheese
Creamy Blue Cheese Chicken
Blue Cheese Chicken Recipe
Five Best Types of Cheese for Cheeseburgers
Who can resist a cheeseburger? Adding a new dimension of flavor to burgers is as simple as using different types of cheeses.
Spanish Cheese Drunken Goat
Spanish Cheese Drunken Goat - Drunken Goat Cheese
Cheese Made With Vegetarian Rennet: A Must Read...
A guide for cheese-loving vegetarians. Find out which sources of rennet are suitable for vegetarians and view a list of vegetarian cheeses.
Make Your Own Mozzarella
Learn how to make mozzarella at home, what types of mozzarella are sold in stores and then try out some new mozzarella recipes
5 Types of Wine to Pair with Goat Cheese
The complex layers of earthy and sometimes funky flavors that give goat cheese its unique character can make pairing wine challenging.
Cheese and Honey, The Perfect Sweet &...
Pairing the sweet flavor of honey with cheese is an easy way to add an exciting new flavor element to a cheese plate.
How to Describe Cheese Like a Pro
What does it mean when a cheese is rustic or nutty or vegetal or funky? It's important to understand the meaning behind the descriptive words you'll hear at a cheese chop to describe the aroma and flavor of cheese.
Try This Easy Weeknight Dinner, Quinoa with...
This healthy quinoa recipe is a tasty alternative to pasta with red sauce
What is Burrata?
Learn more about how mozzarella's super-creamy cousin burrata is made and delicious ways to serve burrata cheese
Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole
Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole. Cheese.
Serving Crackers With Cheese
serving crackers with cheese
Easy Baked Ricotta
Baked Ricotta Recipe. Cheese.
Weeknight Baked Blue Cheese Chicken
An easy recipe that you can throw together any night of the week and makes a great blue cheese dip for crackers and bread.
Pairing Cheese and Pinot Noir
Cheese and Pinot Noir
Grana Padano Italian Cheese
Grana Padano Italian Cheese - Grana Padano
Super Easy Blue Cheese Pasta Sauce
Easy Blue Cheese Sauce Recipe - Blue Cheese Sauce
Types of Cheese
There are many types of cheese out there. Learn the language of cheesemongers and find out which categories your favorite cheeses fall into.
Make Goat Cheese with Starter Culture. It's easy!
Learn how to make homemade goat cheese from starter culture
5 Types of Cheese That Give Soup More Flavor
Cheese can add a lot of flavor to soup, whether it's used as a garnish or as a main ingredient. These five cheeses are especially delicious in soup.
Is Unpasteurized Cheese Safe?
Raw vs. Pasteurized Issue. Cheese.
What is Cheddaring?
What is Cheddaring - Cheddaring. Cheese.
6 Best Blue Cheese Sauce Recipes
Blue Cheese Sauce - Blue Cheese Sauce Recipes
Online Cheese Stores
Buying Cheese Online
The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes
A Collection of the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes
Sweet Honey and Mascarpone Spread
A sweet and luxurious blend of mascarpone cheese, honey, cinnamon and lemon zest is an easy dessert recipe that can be served with fruit
7 Ways to Garnish a Cheese Plate
How to Garnish a Cheese Plate - What to Serve with Cheese
5 Favorite Pasta Salad Recipes
Five favorite pasta salad recipes for summer
Quick Weeknight Dinner: Crispy Quinoa With Kale
A healthy, quick dinner of crispy quinoa with kale
Simple, Perfect Raw Kale Salad
Raw Kale Salad with Grated Cheese and Lemon Dressing Recipe
Learn How to Make Homemade Ricotta Cheese
How to Make Homemade Ricotta Cheese
What is Cottage Cheese?
Learn about how cottage cheese is made, how to make your own cottage cheese and discover new cottage cheese recipes
Go All Out With This Decadent Blue Cheese and...
Mushrooms and blue cheese in a rich sauce for steak, chicken or pasta
Why Cheesemongers Love Alpine Cheese
Alpine cheese is a uniquely flavorful category of cheese made according to centuries-old traditions and methods.
Dutch Cheese Five-Year Aged Gouda
Five-Year Aged Gouda from Holland
Why is Ash Used in Cheesemaking?
Ash is used in cheesemaking for both aesthetic and practical reasons.
6 Favorite Flatbread Pizza Recipes
Flatbread Pizza Recipes - Flatbread Pizza
The Perfect Pesto Recipe
Parmigiano, Pecorino Romano and Basil Pesto Recipe
7 Types of Dessert Wine and the Cheeses They Love
These seven dessert wines often pair beautifully with various cheeses.
What is Cheesecloth and Why Do You Need It?
What is cheesecloth and how is it used to make cheese?
Easy Flatbread Pizza with Sundried Tomatoes and...
Recipes for flatbread pizza, including sundried tomato pizza, kale and ricotta pizza, blue cheese and mushroom pizza and fennel and feta pizza
The Best Way to Eat Zucchini This Summer
Toasted baguette + zucchini poblano butter = perfect summer meal
A Bold New Way to Serve Halloumi Cheese
Grilled Halloumi and Olive Salad - Grilled Halloumi Cheese
Easy Macaroni and Cheese
A simple but delicious recipe for Macaroni and Cheese
Queso Fresco - Fresh Mexican Cheese
Fresh Mexican cheese, queso fresco
Simple and Healthy Halloumi Cheese & Kale
Halloumi and Kale Salad Recipe. Cheese.
How to Store That Cheese You Just Bought
Learn about the best ways to store soft and hard cheeses at home.
What is an Affineur?
Love cheese? Maybe you'd like to become an affineur for a living
Do You Love Goat Brie?
Goat Brie - Goat cheese
Take Your Meal to the Next Level with Parmesan...
Parmesan Crisps Recipe - Parmesan Crisps
Quick and Easy Pasta Recipe, Mascarpone and...
A recipe for mascarpone lemon sauce for pasta
Light and Fluffy Ricotta Cheesecake
Ricotta Cheesecake Recipe
What Are Cheese Maggots?
Cheese maggots can infest cheeses like Stilton and Roquefort
Supplies and Ingredients Needed to Make Cheese
To make cheese at home it requires a few essential tools and ingredients. You can buy these supplies separately, or choose the easier option: a cheese kit that includes all the essentials. These kits can be bought from online cheese supply stores. Kitchen supply stores and stores that sell beer brewing equipment typically sell cheesemaking kits and equipment too. Below is a basic shopping list for making simple cheeses in your own kitchen. Consult your recipe for other ingredients.
Italy's Most Famous Cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano
What are the characteristics of genuine Parmigiano-Reggiano?
5 Types of Cheese to Pair with Syrah
Pairing Cheese and Syrah
Light and Airy Baked Ricotta Pudding Cake
Baked Ricotta Pudding Recipe. Cheese.
Cotija Cheese
Cotija Cheese is a dry and salty cheese from Mexico that can be used in a variety of recipes.
What is Crescenza Cheese?
A detailed description of Crescenza, a soft Italian cheese
Easy, delicous vegetarian enchiladas
Add these quinoa and black bean enchiladas to your collection of easy crock pot recipes
Make This Israeli Couscous and Mozzarella Salad
Israeli Couscous with Mozzarella and Herbs - Israeli Couscous Salad
Learn How to Make a Simple Cheese Plate
Instructions and cheese suggestions for a basic cheese platter.
Feta, Cucumber, Tomato and Avocado Salad Recipe
Feta, Cucumber, Tomato and Avocado Salad Recipe
What is Aged Gouda?
Find out how aged Gouda made and what Boerenkaas gouda is
My Favorite Kale Salad
An generous amount of avocado and an eye-opening lemon+parmesan salad dressing give this kale salad rich flavor
Easy Creamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
An incredibly creamy, easy recipe for baked macaroni and cheese made with mascarpone cheese, cottage cheese and gruyere.
The Easiest Homemade Cheese Recipe: Garlic...
Yogurt Cheese Balls Recipe, cheese spread
Pairing Cheese and Chardonnay
Pairing Cheese and Chardonnay
Easy Homemade Olive Oil Crackers
A recipe for light and crisp homemade crackers made with olive oil and sea salt
Pairing Cheese & Coffee
Pairings Cheese and Coffee
What is Pot Cheese?
What is Pot Cheese?
Bored with Caprese? Serve Mozzarella with This...
This vibrant tomato-basil relish with serrano chiles, garlic and olive oil is a new topping for fresh mozzarella that you must try
Strawberry Mascarpone Tart Recipe
Strawberry Mascarpone Tart Recipe
Steak Salad with Blue Cheese and Parsley
A gorgeous and vibrantly flavored steak salad
Irrisistible Southern Comfort Food: Pimento...
A slightly updated version of the classic Southern cheese spread
Feta With Olive Oil and Herbs Recipe
Feta With Olive Oil and Herbs Recipe
What Are Cheese Mites?
Cheese mites are invisible to the naked eye, but when clustered together look like very fine brownish dust.
A Main Course Salad for Summer
A tasty combination of potatoes, corn, tomatoes, feta and basil with peppery arugula
Quick Facts About Cheese
You can confidently walk into a cheese shop if you’re armed with just a little bit of essential cheese knowledge. This list of basic cheese terms are the first place to start if you want to know more about cheese.
Olive Oil Marinated Goat Cheese
This simple blend of fresh goat cheese, herbs and olive oil is addictive. Keep it in your own fridge or package it in a pretty jar and gift it to a friend.
Parmesan and Truffle Cheese Crisps
Parmesan and Truffle Cheese Crisps - Truffle Cheese
The Easiest Cheese to Make at Home
Making homemade paneer cheese is easy and fun with this two-ingredient recipe
The Perfect Reuben Sandwich
Reuben Sandwich. Cheese.
5 Quick Tips for Buying and Storing Cheese
Whether you shop for cheese at a large grocery store or a small, locally owned cheese shop, there are a few things you should always keep in mind. Knowing how to buy high-quality cheese, and how to store it, insures you will get your money’s worth.
Why Should Cheese Be Tasted At Room Temperature?
Why Should Cheese Be Tasted at Room Temperature?
Favorite Salad Topper: Cheese Croutons
Cheese Crouton Recipe - Cheese Croutons
Cheese Graters
A description of the best cheese graters to buy
5 Types of Cheese to Pair with Beer
Cheese and Beer Pairings
5 Stunning Summer Salads
A collection of gorgeous and really delicious summer salads
Definition of D.O.C.
Definition of D.O.C. - D.O.C. Cheese.
Refreshing Feta and Cucumber Salad
Feta and Cucumber Salad Recipe. Cheese.
Better Than Cookies: Honey Oatcakes
Honey oatcakes are a lightly sweetened cross between a cookie and a cracker that can be eaten with cheese
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